Amazon’s new patent fights showrooming. 

Remember when retailers like Best Buy were getting clobbered by Amazon because people would look at products in store then buy online for less? Now, Amazon holds a patent for tech that prevents the practice called showrooming. While this author thinks they want to use it in their bookstores, I think it’s more likely a defensive play. learn more

CPS is getting taxed. 

Not literally, but, “The rate on the [school district’s] bonds, which are supposed to stay extremely low because investors can resell them to banks periodically, jumped to a maximum 9 percent on March 1 from 4.64 percent the week before and has stayed there ever since, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.” learn more

Synthetic IoT sensor is cooler than Miles Davis. 

Follow the link and watch the video – totally worth it. “The plug-in sensor package they’ve developed monitors multiple phenomena in a room, including things such as sounds, vibration, light, heat, electromagnetic noise and temperature. With help from machine learning techniques, this suite of sensors can determine whether a faucet’s left or right spigot is running, if the microwave door is open or how many paper towels have been dispensed.” learn more

Neural structures exist in 11 abstract dimensions. 

“The goal of the Blue Brain Project, which is based in Switzerland, is to digitally create a ‘biologically detailed’ simulation of the human brain. By creating digital brains with an ‘unprecedented’ level of biological information, the scientists aim to advance our understanding of the incredibly intricate human brain, which has about 86 billion neurons.” learn more

Your team should get better at saying no. 

“Every company is in a value race. Not only do you have to create value for your customers, but you also have to do it before someone else does. Doing so requires the ability to say ‘yes’ to truly great ideas — and, more importantly, to say ‘no’ to all those good ideas that just aren’t good enough.” learn more