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U.S. DOJ prosecutes software developer

He created the Bitcoin mixer Helix, which obfuscates the origin of the cryptocurrency. The DOJ considers this a “money transmitting and money laundering business.” This major potential precedent could (should?) drive more U.S. developers to build anonymously. | learn more

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The nuclear family was a mistake

This article hit me hard because it touches on many themes I’ve considered lately. Like many immigrants, I was raised by a whole community in addition to my parents, benefiting me greatly. Isolating our kids from that type of community […]

under the microscope

The branch of life we barely know about

“The discovery of the CPR [Candidate Phyla Radiation] superphylum was (and remains) one of the most remarkable developments in our growing realization that the genetic diversity of the microbial world is unimaginably vast.” It’s thought to contain a quarter of […]

under the microscope

Can Twitter save science?

This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in science who doesn’t already know all the gory details of its troubles. “This week, here are three intertwined stories about positional scarcity from this strange world: 1. How an “indentured […]

better doing

5 building blocks for your customer acquisition machine

Written by Alex Iskold of 2048 Ventures, one of my favorite writers in early-stage tech. “Even the best companies that build products that early customers want need to carefully think through how to acquire more customers. Just throwing money at […]

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The arc of collaboration

Productivity software (e.g. Dropbox) and collaboration software (e.g. Slack) have long been separated. This post discusses how the next step in software combines the two, “and why the Slack of Gaming may be Discord but the Discord for Enterprise is […]