under the microscope

Science is getting less bang for its buck. 

Researchers Patrick Collison and Michael Nielsen ran a survey of scientists to conclude: “Over the past century, we’ve vastly increased the time and money invested in science, but in scientists’ own judgement, we’re producing the most important breakthroughs at a […]

under the microscope

How to engineer biology. 

Vijay Pande, partner at a16z, published this post in Scientific American explaining how we’re moving from pure discovery to a more structured engineering approach for biological. “With design, however, we can plan and progress very systematically along a roadmap and […]

better doing

What should you do with your life? 

Writer and masters student in cognitive science Alexey Guzey writes: “I ask a lot of people about their life plans. At least half of them tell me that they have no idea where to move and are just coasting along, […]

fun facts

What is fill power? 

I bought a new coat for the upcoming Chicago winter. Salespeople threw around stats for fill power but couldn’t explain what fill power was. Wikipedia to the rescue! | learn more