fun facts

Desalination or desalinization?

“I suppose the test would be: what are you hoping to end up making? If it’s a puddle of water: you are desalinating. If it’s a pile of salt: you are desalinizing.” ~ learn more

under the microscope

Light can make water evaporate without heat.

“Chen says that in principle, he thinks it may be possible to increase the limit of water produced by solar desalination, which is currently 1.5 kilograms per square meter, by as much as three- or fourfold using this light-based approach.” ~ learn […]

big ideas

A first: extra-terrestrial water inside a meteorite.

“The Winchcombe meteorite, which struck a road in the town of Gloucestershire last February, is also believed to contain information about the origins of the water that makes up the planet’s immense seas, according to the Independent.” | learn more

oh, chicago

The costs of Chicago’s Air & Water Show. 

Listeners of WBEZ asked them to find out the costs, and the radio station did the research to deliver! “When it began in 1959, the Chicago Air and Water Show had a budget of $88.” Obviously it costs more now… | learn […]

oh, chicago

Workers caught pumping slurry into Chicago River. 

“Environmental agencies Friday were investigating why workers at a construction site were pumping a slurry of water and sediment directly into the Chicago River, creating a cloudy plume beneath the Randolph Street bridge.” |learn more

oh, chicago

Lead in homes’ water across Chicago. 

“An analysis from the Chicago Tribune finds that lead was in water drawn from nearly 70% of 2,797 homes across Chicago within the past two years.” Free test kits available from the city here. | learn more