oh, chicago

The costs of Chicago’s Air & Water Show. 

Listeners of WBEZ asked them to find out the costs, and the radio station did the research to deliver! “When it began in 1959, the Chicago Air and Water Show had a budget of $88.” Obviously it costs more now… | learn […]

oh, chicago

Workers caught pumping slurry into Chicago River. 

“Environmental agencies Friday were investigating why workers at a construction site were pumping a slurry of water and sediment directly into the Chicago River, creating a cloudy plume beneath the Randolph Street bridge.” |learn more

oh, chicago

Lead in homes’ water across Chicago. 

“An analysis from the Chicago Tribune finds that lead was in water drawn from nearly 70% of 2,797 homes across Chicago within the past two years.” Free test kits available from the city here. | learn more

thoughts of food

The latest chapter in the Plenty story. 

I’ve written about vertical farm startup Plenty before, and now that they’ve raised an additional $200MM from SoftBank, it’s time for another look at their progress and vision. Reminder: “All told, Plenty says, its technology can yield as much as […]

big ideas

Scientists made food from electricity. 

“Finnish researchers have created a batch of single-cell protein that is nutritious enough to serve for dinner using a system powered by renewable energy. The entire process requires only electricity, water, carbon dioxide, and microbes.” | learn more

thoughts of food

Indoor farming is hard. 

The promise of indoor farming is an attractive one: super-efficient land and water usage + hyper-local food. Sadly, most companies that have tried it have failed, including Chicago’s FarmedHere. Fast Company profiles Plenty, which is taking a run at a […]

under the microscope

Water from thin air. 

A new type of material called Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) has enabled an MIT team to create a device that, “has proven itself capable of harvesting about a cup of water per kilogram of MOF over the course of just 70 […]

staying thirsty

Chicago splashes into water innovation business. 

Want to be in the water business? Maybe Chicago isn’t the best place to start. Since we have an abundant supply of water in Lake Michigan, Chicagoans really don’t think twice about using too much. These two projects aren’t letting […]