Walmart associates now drop off packages on their way home. 

Some years back, I heard a story about the McDonald’s in Williston, ND (home of the somewhat recent oil boom). The manager would drop by the oil workers’ camp in the AM to pick up dinner orders, then drop them off on her way home from work at night. I don’t know if its true, but maybe Walmart heard the same story. Say what you will about the giant discount retailer, but don’t say they’re not trying. learn more

Wal-Mart does the internet.

Wal-Mart does the internet. Now that Marc Lore of Quidsi ( + and fame is in charge of e-commerce at Wal-Mart, they’ve started a shopping spree with the acquisitions of ModCloth and Moosejaw. These are culturally pretty far from Wal-Mart’s core discount stores, but maybe (just maybe) with Lore in charge they can nurture the brands without smothering them. learn more