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Home Depot + Walmart for faster shipping.

I think this was only a matter of time. Redundant logistics networks are really expensive. “The Home Depot is the first retail client of Walmart GoLocal, which uses Walmart’s expansive network to deliver products for businesses of all sizes.” | learn more

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Walmart does away with layaway.

I’m surprised by this for two reasons. First, I’m surprised that layaway remained an option until now. Second, I’m surprised that Walmart is leaving it to Affirm to provide credit to customers. I remember underestimating them when they were starting […]

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The increasing complexity of product returns

“Amazon and Walmart both use artificial intelligence to decide whether it makes economic sense to accept a return. These merchants can absorb the cost. But for smaller merchants, returnless refunds are a recipe for financial disaster.” | learn more

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Amazon, Walmart and Chinese potting soil

In 2018, the anonymous blogger behind Deep Throat IPO wrote this incredibly long post exploring the question “What would have happened if Amazon and Walmart had never been born?” It’s a fascinating exploration of the dynamics of US retail and […]

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Marc Lore steps down as Walmart’s head of e-commerce

This began as the most expensive acquihire ($3.3 billion for I’ve ever seen and appears to have ended successfully. He’s leaving them in great shape as a credible competitor online. “Walmart CEO Doug McMillon credited Lore in a companywide […]

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Walmart’s doing fintech now

The folks in Seattle aren’t the only ones who can reach across industries to make moves! “Walmart said Monday that it will launch a fintech start-up with Ribbit Capital, one of the investment firms behind Robinhood.” | learn more