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Playing different games – the Tiger phenomenon

The hedge fund Tiger Global and several offshoots are aggressively deploying capital into startups with little diligence, historically high prices, and lighting fast speed. “Hah! You’re telling me — I heard they did [Deal X] in 24 hours after only getting a […]

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A debate: what’s an accelerator without funding?

I’m not much of a twitter user but sometimes that’s where the action is! Crain’s reported “Tech incubator 1871 is launching a 12-week virtual program to help Black entrepreneurs start and grow companies.” The catch? There’s no funding. Chicago VC Ezra […]

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Venture capital patterns and mental models

This is basically cliff’s notes for venture capital. “Venture Patterns catalogs the best of what other startups and venture capitalists have figured out. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Since there are recurring patterns in how to build and run startups and […]

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The medium post is the message

Alex Danco (I’ve become a big fan of his) expands on the famous quote “the medium is the message” by way of an illustrative example from venture capital. “VC content marketing has evolved from hot towards cool media formats (and […]

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Venture returns with Abe Othman of AngelList

“If you miss the best-performing seed investment, you will eventually be outperformed by someone who blindly invests in every credible deal.” This data-driven analysis of investment returns paints a vivid picture. However, executing the strategy requires a good definition of credible […]

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Money out of nowhere

Venture capital hotshot Bill Gurley wrote this post earlier this year. “How internet marketplaces unlock economic wealth.” What will the next marketplace be? Let me know if you’re working on one! | learn more