fun facts

The world through the eyes of the US.

“There is always that one country on our collective conscious, and I wanted to know how that has changed over time… After looking at 741,681 section front headlines, I found out which countries around the world have preoccupied Americans the most each […]

thoughts of food

On the US baby food market and disruption.

Axios thinks the $7 Billion market is ripe and ready for a shake-up, and they suggest direct-to-consumer baby food startup Yumi is in a good spot to capture share in the future. How do you feel about $5 fresh baby […]

tech, startups, internet

China’s big hack. 

You may have seen some headlines about China managing to slip extra chips onto servers operated by Apple, Amazon and other US tech companies. This is a link to the Bloomberg piece with the original reporting that’s worth a read. […]

on the blockchain

SEC official says Ether is not a security. 

This is good news for the crypto community in the US because there had been a shadow of potential securities-law violation for trading this cryptocurrency. There’s some more nuance here around Ether’s present state vs its origins that’s worth understanding. | learn […]

big ideas

YCombinator Research to run basic income experiment. 

We need more initiatives like this! “We tentatively plan to randomly select 3,000 individuals across two US states to participate in the study: 1,000 will receive $1,000 per month for up to 5 years, and 2,000 will receive $50 per […]