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Short guide to Iraq

Written in 1943 for distribution to US troops by the War and Navy Departments in Washington, DC. “YOU HAVE been ordered to Iraq (i – RAHK) as part of the world-wide offensive to beat Hitler.” | learn more

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Higher than the shoulders of giants

Something happened in the early 1970s that led to dozens of unexplained trends. Many blame the US dropping the gold standard. This author blames a different policy that Nixon signed into law. This is a fascinating read. “New drugs lead to scientific […]

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The world through the eyes of the US.

“There is always that one country on our collective conscious, and I wanted to know how that has changed over time… After looking at 741,681 section front headlines, I found out which countries around the world have preoccupied Americans the most each […]

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On the US baby food market and disruption.

Axios thinks the $7 Billion market is ripe and ready for a shake-up, and they suggest direct-to-consumer baby food startup Yumi is in a good spot to capture share in the future. How do you feel about $5 fresh baby […]

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China’s big hack. 

You may have seen some headlines about China managing to slip extra chips onto servers operated by Apple, Amazon and other US tech companies. This is a link to the Bloomberg piece with the original reporting that’s worth a read. […]