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Universe size comparison.

Watch this video. It’ll be 3 minutes you won’t regret. Write back to me and let me know how long it took before the feeling of awe set in. ~ see video

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The Wolfram Physics Project

One year in, Stephen Wolfram discusses the progress of his project to develop a new fundamental theory of physics. The level of abstraction here is beyond me so I couldn’t get all the way through this. “The way I see […]

big ideas

A theory of everything

I only made it about halfway through this interview of Eric Weinstein, but it was quite interesting up until he lost me. “Eric Weinstein is a mathematician with a bold and piercing intelligence, unafraid to explore the biggest questions in […]

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A peek inside Alphabet’s investing universe. 

Google’s parent company uses a multi-pronged approach to investing. “Taken together, Alphabet is one of the most prolific corporate investors in startups. In 2017, Crunchbase data shows that Alphabet’s three main investing arms — GV (formerly known as Google Ventures), […]