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Mindsets of modern midlife women.

Commissioned by consumer VC firm Listen Ventures, this report focuses on women roughly ages 37 to 62. “The goal of this body of work is to unpack the mindsets that define midlife womanhood in the US in a consumer-obsessed way […]

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Patrick McKenzie and Tyler Cowen in conversation.

Here’s a run-on sentence: “Tyler sat down with Patrick to discuss signature fields on the back of credit cards, whether bank tellers or waitstaff are more trustworthy, the gremlins behind spurious credit card declines, how debt collection and maple syrup […]

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Dexcom’s new CGM for non-insulin users.

What started as a lifesaving device for insulin users is continuing to become more accessible. “Dexcom is unveiling Stelo as competitor Abbott has launched a direct-to-consumer program using a CGM for people without diabetes. The program, called Lingo, is currently […]

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Panera’s caffeine-infused lemonade.

I just learned of this product called Charged Lemonade, which is “charged” with caffeine — 260mg in a 20-ounce serving. A couple people with extreme sensitivity to caffeine died after drinking. There is a big lawsuit. “Whether Charged Lemonade will […]

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An introduction to peptide therapy.

I want to hear from you if you have personal experience with peptides. “From helping you to build more lean muscle mass to assisting you maintain stable hormone levels, the benefits of peptide therapy are clear. Even though peptide therapy […]

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Why the world is going blind.

The cause: not enough exposure to sunlight. “In China, up to 90 percent of teenagers and young adults are myopic. In the 1950s the figure was as low as 10 percent. A 2012 study in Seoul found that an astonishing […]

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Japanese workplace culture is the opposite of America’s at-will employment. “Japanese companies are barred both by societal and legal constraints that make it very difficult to fire employees.” So they invented “the oidashibeya, literally the banishment room or the expulsion room.” ~ learn […]

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No one’s promising you can keep your doctor anymore.

“Even before the pandemic accelerated a massive shift to virtual care, more than a quarter of Americans were seeing nurses and physician assistants at their health care visits, according to research published in The BMJ. The study also found that […]