fun facts

Filling my boots

I learned a new idiom this week. To fill one’s boots is to, “take or obtain as much of something as one can. Primarily heard in UK.” | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon pilots CBD sales in UK

You might be surprised to learn that CBD, the substances seemingly sold in every corner store nowadays, is banned from Facebook and Google ads. I’ve seen Facebook workarounds that offer C-🐝-D instead. Amazon testing the category is a break with […]

tech, startups, internet

China and the race for AI dominance. 

Here’s an interesting perspective from Wired UK that’s heavy on quotes from Kai-Fu Lee, one of the most famous technologists in China (he’s been an exec at Apple, Microsoft and Google). The author thinks China will win the global race. […]

thoughts of food

The weird science of cheese. 

We can thank Wired UK for this gem. “Cheese is not just food, it’s a variety show. The multitude of aromas, flavours, and textures found in cheeses throughout the world is more than we encounter with any other food” | learn more

under the microscope

Older men have geekier sons.

Researchers created a geek index, then started analyzing the index scores of almost 8,000 twins in the UK. They found evidence that older fathers tend to have geekier sons. The same result was not found in daughters. | learn more