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Creeping as a Service

There’s a twitter app called Spoonbill that keeps a log of profile changes in a user’s network. The resulting feed is a window to the evolving way people choose to portray themselves. “How Spoonbill reveals our obsession with identity.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Emerging roles in tech

Ann Bordetsky on Twitter: “What do you call someone who’s really great at stitching together modular tools like Airtable + Notion + Zap + Slack + …. to build quasi-products? Not a PM. Not a Marketer. Not Ops per se. […]

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A debate: what’s an accelerator without funding?

I’m not much of a twitter user but sometimes that’s where the action is! Crain’s reported “Tech incubator 1871 is launching a 12-week virtual program to help Black entrepreneurs start and grow companies.” The catch? There’s no funding. Chicago VC Ezra […]

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Emoji use in the new normal

“😂 Face with Tears of Joy remains the most used emoji on Twitter” and “🥺 Pleading Face is experiencing surging popularity.” Emojipedia analyzed over 68 million tweets across 2018-2020. | learn more

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Food delivery: so much intrigue and game theory

A few weeks ago I started subscribing to some twitter feeds via email (using mailbrew – referral link). It’s already proven valuable thanks to this series of tweets from Ezra Galston of Starting Line VC. He pulls together a lot of […]

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Can Twitter save science?

This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in science who doesn’t already know all the gory details of its troubles. “This week, here are three intertwined stories about positional scarcity from this strange world: 1. How an “indentured […]