better doing

Infinity wells and deep work.

VC investor Tomasz Tunguz discusses these two separate but very related topics. Deep Work is about focusing without distraction. Infinity Wells devour your attention without end (like social media feeds). The more you know about the battle you’re fighting, the […]

better doing

Quality of outcome vs quality of decision. 

This short post by Tomasz Tunguz reminds me that the world is probabilistic, and good decisions won’t always lead to good outcomes. Nevertheless, the best way to get good outcomes is a good decision-making process. | learn more

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The Shopify story in numbers. 

I’ve highlighted Shopify in the past – specifically how easy it made launching an ecommerce site. Elon’s Musk (above) is also powered by Shopify. As the company crosses $10B in market cap, VC Tomasz Tunguz analyzes their business by the […]

better doing

Ownership is a defining trait of a leader. 

Tomasz Tunguz bring us a nice short post highlighting two times when people took public ownership of their errors, and the positive consequences that ensued. One error was deadly serious – a friendly fire incident involving Navy Seals. | learn more