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The anxiety of influencers.

Writing for Harper’s Magazine, Barrett Swanson spent a few days in a Los Angeles mansion for TIkTok influencers called Clubhouse For the Boys. “Also known as content houses or TikTok mansions, collab houses are grotesquely lavish abodes where teens and […]

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How TikTok reads your mind.

The New York Times explains, based on an internal document. “The document, headed “TikTok Algo 101,” was produced by TikTok’s engineering team in Beijing. A company spokeswoman, Hilary McQuaide, confirmed its authenticity, and said it was written to explain to […]

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Shein: the TikTok of ecommerce

I was unimpressed by this company when a Chinese friend showed me their website. I’ve made a complete reversal after reading this. “It reportedly did almost $10 billion in revenue in 2020, and has grown over 100% for each of […]