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The North Face gets social media.

“The North Face pulled an elaborate marketing stunt on TikTok and delivered some rain gear via helicopter to a woman in New Zealand, whose complaint about the brand went viral on the platform.” ~ learn more

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Gen Z has declared pickles are cool now.

“Centuries after European immigrants began selling the humble brined veg from their Lower East Side pushcarts, the younger generation has become obsessed with the deli sandwich’s best friend. Crunch the numbers at TikTok, and you’ll see — the hashtags #pickle […]

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What is Rizz and do you have it?

It’s the latest slang spreading on TikTok. “Rizz is NYC slang created by YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat. It refers to a male’s ability to impress women aka game…” ~ learn more

fun facts

The anxiety of influencers.

Writing for Harper’s Magazine, Barrett Swanson spent a few days in a Los Angeles mansion for TIkTok influencers called Clubhouse For the Boys. “Also known as content houses or TikTok mansions, collab houses are grotesquely lavish abodes where teens and […]