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When did people stop being drunk all the time?

“When estimating consumption from the amount of beer provided to soldiers, convicts, and workers or reconstructing consumption from tax revenues on beer we see that the average person consumed about a liter of beer a day, this is around four […]

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What it will take to defeat TurboTax

“It’s taking consumer finance companies with massive distribution, combining them with a tax preparation API and real-time visibility into users tax position. Tackling TurboTax head on is probably a waste of money. Tackling TurboTax asymmetrically has a real shot.” | learn more

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A tax on all your boxes

“With the pandemic bringing a host of financial problems Chicago’s way, 11th Ward Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson proposed a ground delivery tax.” The city’s never-ending search for ways into residents’ pockets goes on. Not content with taxing the contents of […]

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Ikea is a nonprofit (technically)

“Ikea is a nonprofit dedicated to furthering the advancement of architecture and interior design–a cause they give a pittance of $2 million or so to a year.” Click through for an overview of their clever tax avoidance structure. | learn more

oh, chicago

Uber suing Skokie, but the real target is Chicago

It seems like a clever strategy to sidestep a battle with the big city with more legal resources. “The firm contends the north suburb’s ride-hailing tax violates state law. Its arguments could apply to the mayor’s proposed $40 million tax […]

oh, chicago

CPS is getting taxed. 

Not literally, but, “The rate on the [school district’s] bonds, which are supposed to stay extremely low because investors can resell them to banks periodically, jumped to a maximum 9 percent on March 1 from 4.64 percent the week before […]