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Cash management in startups

This short post by Fred Wilson is interesting, since often we all need reminding that running out of cash is the number one killer of startups. It also reminds me of the daily cash budget I built and managed during […]

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a16z video: software eats care delivery

In this video, “a16z bio deal partner Julie Yoo describes the specific zones of opportunity that are most ripe for companies to have an impact (and why); what some of the new and innovative approaches are; and finally, the characteristics […]

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The normal distribution is vanishing

Alex Danco wrote this post in 2015. Its conclusions have stood up over the years. He makes the point that many markets are moving from a normal distribution of preferences (a fat middle and two tails) to a bifurcated distribution […]

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Authors: Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh Not every startup need burn ridiculous amounts of cash to get as big as possible as quickly as possible. But some should, and Reid Hoffman explains exactly how to identify them. Reid is the founder […]