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8 themes for the near future of tech

Scott Belsky, founder of behance and executive at Adobe, is immersed in the tools that creatives around the world use. He’s really got a nose for interesting startups I’ve never heard of. One theme I find intriguing: “Creativity tools will […]

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Meat grown from cells moves out of the lab

A very cool development in cultured meat. Still, lots of work to be done: “At least eight startups are building or operating pilot production plants to try to drive the price of production down. Cultured meat still costs $400 to […]

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Send in the senolytics

“Despite early failures in the clinic, the idea of anti-aging therapies that purge the body of dying cells is gaining traction with a raft of startups now focused on senescence.” I was surprised to learn there’s a senolytic for skincare currently on […]

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Understanding biotech investing

“As with startups, biotech companies have high failure rates: 90% of clinical programs fail to receive FDA approval, while 92% of biotech companies are unprofitable at any given time.” | learn more

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Quibi is shutting down after just 6 months

In 2018 this startup raised $1 billion at inception. It caused Steve Blank to ask Is the lean startup dead? Then we saw the fat startup’s launch teaser in January of this year. Here, the story ends, as “the first high-profile casualty of […]