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The low budget startup.

Indie draws parallels between low budget movies and low budget startups. A quote from producer Jason Blum, who generated $193 million in box-office revenue on its $15k budget for Paranormal Activity: “The single biggest reason people don’t replicate the our […]

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Venture scale vs. venture risk.

“There is nothing inherently “wrong” with venture capital. Its impact and ability to fund, and rapidly scale, businesses is undeniable and highly valuable. But there is an underlying business model driving behavior that many overlook or ignore until they can’t […]

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The state of private markets in Q1 2023.

Carta’s doing some content marketing with their data (which is arguably pretty good). “Total venture capital raised by startups plunged 80% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023. Venture deal count fell 45% over the same span. Overall, Q1 was the […]

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“I’ve seen this before, it didn’t work.”

How should a founder process this sort of feedback? Neither by flatly dismissing it, nor by giving up because of it, but by doing the homework to understand why this time is different. “Each generation of founders comes back to […]

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Excuse me, is there a problem?

Recommended reading for anyone who spends time around early-stage businesses. “Many startups fail despite identifying a real problem and building a product that solves that problem. This explains why, so you can avoid their fate.” ~ learn more

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On the value of small angel checks.

“Taking small checks from angel investors often leads to introductions to other investors, resulting in a multiplicative effect, or the “money multiplier.” These angel investors often work in the tech industry and are keen to help startups grow. As a […]