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What does the rest of the world not get about India?

“I asked Kunal Shah this question last week. Kunal founded CRED – one of India’s leading consumer fintech companies valued at $6.4B. He gave me a laundry list of nuanced observations. This list is a *must read* if you’re interested […]

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The rise and fall of 15-minute delivery startups.

“Fueled by record levels of venture capital funding, they quickly blanketed New York City with their delivery bikes. The bet was that, in densely populated metropolitan areas, ultra-fast delivery would be more financially feasible to pull off. But just as […]

better doing

Finding fulfillment.

Jason Cohen explores the topic of fulfillment. He highlights prior art on the topic then adds his own spin. “What follows is my original framework I used to answer this question for myself eight years ago when I made the […]

big ideas

Nuclear energy: the good, the bad, the beautiful.

I loved this explanation of the nuclear energy market and the technology advances nearing commercialization. “For the first time, this generation of reactors isn’t 100% government-funded and instead built by venture-backed startups.” | learn more

better doing

Choose good quests.

“Today, we are in a crisis. Silicon Valley’s best — our top operators, exited founders, and most powerful investors — are almost all on bad quests. Exiting your first startup only to enter venture capital and fight your peers for […]

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Losing a month of runway to inflation.

“In the mid-2000s, many startups invested their excess cash reserves in instruments called Auction Rate Securities. ARS produced a steady stream of interest payments, like savings accounts, with a higher return.” It seemed great, until it wasn’t anymore. | learn more