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These Chicago startups are hiring right now

This is great! From Josh Inglis, founder of marketing agency Propllr: “I’ve been reaching out to Chicago startups to see who is hiring – not just to see who has a careers page up, but to learn who is actively […]

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Why finance is such a hard industry for startups

Patrick McKenzie, the author of How Discount Brokerages Make Money, has 100 insightful thoughts on financial services. “Geeks underestimate technical sophistication of the financial industry by a scandalous amount, largely because most of it happens below the waterline and not in […]

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How I Optimize

My personal mission is to spend my time working on interesting projects alongside people who I like and respect. How did I get there? Luck found me I’ve been successful and I’ve been lucky. The two are inseparable. Out of […]

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Cash management in startups

This short post by Fred Wilson is interesting, since often we all need reminding that running out of cash is the number one killer of startups. It also reminds me of the daily cash budget I built and managed during […]