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Starting SaaS companies: 2013 vs 2021.

“In 2013, I co-founded Heap, a product analytics company that I helped grow to over 200 people and $X0,000,000 in ARR before I left in 2020. In 2021, I co-founded Airplane, a developer platform for quickly creating internal tools. Here’s […]

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The false narrative around Theranos.

Elad Gil defends Silicon Valley tech startups, making the case that Theranos is not representative of them. “Theranos raised no real mainstream venture capital. None of the mainstream tech or biotech funders invested in Theranos.” | learn more

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Welcome to the era of angel investors.

A fun article, though it doesn’t go very deep. “Historically, angel investors have been high-net-worth individuals. But with loosened regulations and the advent of crowdfunding platforms, now almost anybody can invest small amounts of their own money in individual startups […]

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Chicago declares a Unicorn Day

“In 2021 alone, seven companies in Chicago have become unicorns (startup companies valued at over $1 billion), according to World Business Chicago and financial data from software firm Pitchbook.” | learn more

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The infinite conflict of hiring

“What great Founders do, that others do not, is examine the balance between speed and quality, in order to make confident hiring decisions for their company.” | learn more