profiles of people

Packy McCormick, one man show.

“He’s grown his audience from 400 readers in March 2020 to over 125,000 as of June 2022, raised two funds off the hype of that audience and the quality of his words, and made at least 30 investments in startups […]

on the blockchain

Web3 marketing stack.

“There’s an entire marketing ecosystem for startups to build – and it will explode as all the venture dollars web3 startups have raised rushes to find new users.” | learn more

better doing

What kind of company do you want to build?

“In reflecting on [my business] failure, I have come to realize that my main mistake was in pretending certain trade-offs didn’t exist. Specifically, I think when building a company, all founders need to clearly prioritize the following three values: Scale, Speed, […]