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Welcome to your Bland new world

An excellent commentary on the overlap among D2C brands. “Why do disruptive startups slavishly follow an identikit formula of business model, look and feel, and tone of voice? Because it works, sort of.” Fun coincidence: the author Ben Schott wrote […]

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Be impatient

“Being impatient is the best way to get faster at things. And across a surprising number of domains, being really fast correlates strongly with being effective.” | learn more

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Venture capital patterns and mental models

This is basically cliff’s notes for venture capital. “Venture Patterns catalogs the best of what other startups and venture capitalists have figured out. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Since there are recurring patterns in how to build and run startups and […]

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Tech experts predict how the world will change

“Tech exec, VCs, and analysts—from WhatsApp’s Will Cathcart to AOL cofounder Steve Case—on the pandemic’s lasting impact on how we live, work, and think.” Pay close attention and you’ll see how everyone’s views are colored by their businesses. One example: […]

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These Chicago startups are hiring right now

This is great! From Josh Inglis, founder of marketing agency Propllr: “I’ve been reaching out to Chicago startups to see who is hiring – not just to see who has a careers page up, but to learn who is actively […]