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Startup growth and venture returns

AngelList analyzed seven years of deals to test assumptions about the nature of venture capital returns. One finding: “At the seed stage, investors would increase their expected return by broadly indexing into every credible deal.” | learn more

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Chicago startup Sprout Social files for IPO

This is only the second Chicago tech company to go public since GrubHub 5 years ago. I love seeing this news! Also, it’s nice that this filing seems to be free of drama and shenanigans (unlike some other recent IPO […]

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The 13 immutable reads on choosing what to work on

“When our startup failed, I didn’t know what to do next.” From Vasili Shynkarenka, an entrepreneur who’s YC-backed company failed. He then “devoured hundreds of books, articles, and videos on how to choose what to work on (or, more generally, […]

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The Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Author: Scott Kupor Along with Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, this book is a standout resource for learning about the venture capital financing process. I had a lot of background before I picked this up, given my […]

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Where art thou startup exits?

From Pardot founder David Cummings, reminding us that exists are few and far between, so focus on building a great business: “Too many investors ask about an exit strategy, when, in reality, the world doesn’t work that way. Companies are […]

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What went wrong with on-demand, artisanal food.

With the recent failure of Silicon Valley startup Munchery, and the less-recent failure of Sprig, SF Chronical offers an interesting post-mortem of the on-demand food business model. It’s interesting to read some of the quotes from former Sprig employees about […]

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Why lawyers don’t run startups. 

Steve Blank highlights how contracts contain both strategic and legal issues, and many lawyers don’t grasp the difference. I’ve been fortunate to work with many attorneys who “get it” and know to tread softly around business decisions. | learn more