teaching the kids

What are microschools?

“Microschools, also known as pandemic pods due to their rise in popularity as a result of COVID-19, are small groups of families or friends, usually no more than 10, who meet in person to be taught daily by a single […]

thoughts of food

The Oatly story

“Oatly doesn’t think like the rest. They’ve been around for 20 years as a Swedish company fighting for attention. Last week, the oat milk company raised $200mm at a $2bn valuation. This is a lesson on creativity and how @oatly […]

better doing

Idea generation

An essay from Sam Altman: “The most common question prospective startup founders ask is how to get ideas for startups. The second most common question is if you have any ideas for their startup.” | learn more

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The fat startup is born

In 2018, Steve Blank asked if the lean startup was dead. It was a commentary on Jeff Katzenberg’s media startup raising almost $2B before launch. Well, fast forward to today, and that startup has a name (Quibi) and a teaser […]

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Startup growth and venture returns

AngelList analyzed seven years of deals to test assumptions about the nature of venture capital returns. One finding: “At the seed stage, investors would increase their expected return by broadly indexing into every credible deal.” | learn more

oh, chicago

Chicago startup Sprout Social files for IPO

This is only the second Chicago tech company to go public since GrubHub 5 years ago. I love seeing this news! Also, it’s nice that this filing seems to be free of drama and shenanigans (unlike some other recent IPO […]