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Anduril’s M&A strategy.

Packy McCormick wrote a long, fawning post about the startup defense contractor’s strategy. “I wanted to dig into Anduril’s M&A activity specifically because it stands out as a unique company-building strategy for such a young startup. After conversations with the […]

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What are the paths that led to unicorn founders?

This is really interesting research with a very cool visualization. About half are immigrants or children of immigrants, about half have worked at a startup previously, and about half are serial entrepreneurs. ~ learn more

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Signs that a startup is going bad.

“A friend of mine was recently evaluating job offers and one was clearly a startup that was “going bad”. It was clear to me but not to them; I figured I would write a post spelling out some things I […]

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Anduril, the new defense startup.

“Anduril is a rare, paradoxical creation, Mario Gabriele argues: a defense contractor that moves like a startup, a software business disguised as a seller of hardware, and a weapons manufacturer, in pursuit of peace.” | learn more

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Burning cash, Fast.

“Fast, a buzzy startup that attracted more than $120 million in investment to help people expedite online purchases, is shutting down, according to the company’s chief executive, Domm Holland.” | learn more

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Joining hypergrowth startups.

“The advice is meant for anyone joining the early stages of a hypergrowth team (15-150 people; multiplying in revenue, investments and/or headcount). Usually in the first 1-3 years of a startup. Most of the advice I would not give in […]

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How to shut down a startup.

“Just six weeks earlier, in October 2020, Petal had finalized pricing for manufacturing its germ-freezing trash can, which consumers could use to get rid of germs in their trash and eliminate odors. Then, the cost of manufacturing the product shot […]