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Doritos is a software company now.

“To “help gamers keep the crunch to themselves,” Doritos is debuting what it calls “Doritos Silent.” Gamers download Doritos Crunch Cancellation software and when the technology is turned on, the software detects the crunching sounds and silences it while keeping […]

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Product-led AI.

Greylock investor Seth Rosenberg wants to back the ‘gold miners’ in AI, rather than the popular ‘picks and shovels’. “As I see it, these are the three largest opportunities for founders to build AI-first companies: 1. AI-first networks & marketplaces; […]

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Anduril, the new defense startup.

“Anduril is a rare, paradoxical creation, Mario Gabriele argues: a defense contractor that moves like a startup, a software business disguised as a seller of hardware, and a weapons manufacturer, in pursuit of peace.” | learn more

under the microscope

DNA Sequencing is eating the world

The first of a four-part series. “When I think about what is different in the world of genetic technologies, I think about Sequencing, Synthesis, Scale, and Software. … Incredible things are now possible at the intersection of these areas. The […]

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Roam’s road ahead

The note-taking software with just over $1 million in revenue just raised money at a valuation that raised many eyebrows. “How the tool for networked thought can grow into its $200m valuation.” | learn more