better doing

The observer effect: seeing is changing

The act of looking at something changes it – an effect that holds true for people, animals, even atoms. Here’s how the observer effect distorts our world and how we can get a more accurate picture.” I love how Farnam […]

better doing

5 mental models for parenting. 

From the mind of Farnam Street’s Shane Parrish: “No topic provokes more unsolicited advice than parenting. The problem is, no matter how good the advice, it might not work for your child or your particular situation. Here are 5 principle-based […]

big ideas

Lessons from Hans Rosling on population growth. 

I’ve posted one of the late Hans Rosling’s videos before. He’s an expert on population-level health data. In this article, Shane Parrish at Farnam Street helps summarize some of the biggest insights and misconceptions Rosling identified. | learn more

better doing

Hammurabi’s Code and risk management. 

Shane Parrish writes about how the ancient code created aligned incentives between builders of buildings and their residents, which increased the odds of structures that didn’t collapse once the builder had moved on. | learn more