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The future is nano

“One emerging field that exemplifies this transformation of science is ‘protein nanotechnology’, where nanotechnologists use proteins to design and construct microstructures and nanostructures, thereby imitating life.” | learn more

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Beware mass-produced medical recommendations

A couple weeks ago I shared a recent study showing extreme benefits of vitamin D for Covid-19 patients (or maybe the extreme detriments of vitamin D deficiency). More on the curious case of vitamin D, and the murky world of understanding science. | learn […]

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What the pandemic has taught us about science

I enjoyed this essay from Matt Ridley in the WSJ. “The scientific method remains the best way to solve many problems, but bias, overconfidence and politics can sometimes lead scientists astray.” | learn more

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The basic science of genome editing

Long, detailed, hard to read, and also fascinating. “Key advances include the development of techniques for generating molecular tools for cutting the DNA of genomes in specific places to allow targeted alterations in the DNA sequence. Over recent years, several […]

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Better science

“[Y]ou have probably come across claims that Science is broken in some way or another, that we live in an era of scientific stagnation, or some horror stories about researchers spending their lives applying for grants and not doing research. […]

under the microscope

Hijacking bacterial attack system with light

Science is so cool. “Some bacteria inject toxins into host cells using a syringe-like appendage. Past research has found we could hijack that as a new drug delivery system, and now Max Planck scientists have developed a way to control […]

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Human psychology and wine tasting

If you’ve ever confidently conflated wine price with wine taste, you may have tricked yourself. This article (titled ‘wine-tasting: it’s junk science’) and referenced study are a bit dated, so I wonder if anyone has more current info on the […]