under the microscope

Hijacking bacterial attack system with light

Science is so cool. “Some bacteria inject toxins into host cells using a syringe-like appendage. Past research has found we could hijack that as a new drug delivery system, and now Max Planck scientists have developed a way to control […]

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Human psychology and wine tasting

If you’ve ever confidently conflated wine price with wine taste, you may have tricked yourself. This article (titled ‘wine-tasting: it’s junk science’) and referenced study are a bit dated, so I wonder if anyone has more current info on the […]

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Virus, the beautify of the beast

“An interactive science video about viruses – and how humans have accidentally imitated them.” I found this via Explorable Explanations – check it out for more interactive learning, especially since you’re stuck at home for the rest of the month. | learn more

under the microscope

Can Twitter save science?

This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in science who doesn’t already know all the gory details of its troubles. “This week, here are three intertwined stories about positional scarcity from this strange world: 1. How an “indentured […]

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150 years of Nature papers

“Science is a network, each paper linking those that came before with those that followed. In an exclusive analysis, researchers have delved into Nature’s part of that network. We explore their results, taking you on a tour of 150 years […]

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Is dentistry a science?

The Atlantic pulls no punches in this analysis of the dental industry. The anecdotal story woven throughout the article should make you rethink how infrequently you ask for a 2nd opinion before giving consent for root canals and other procedures. […]