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The science fiction world of 3D printed organs

“3D printing holds the promise of changing the healthcare industry for the better by offering products such as smarter drugs and hyper-customized prosthetics. …[In] the near future, it might become commonplace for doctors to treat patients with printed organs. In […]

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Author: Daniel Suarez Daniel Suarez is my favorite modern sci-fi author. I try to stay current on the cutting edge of science and technology. Without fail, Suarez has always been a few steps ahead. Reading his books feels like he’s […]

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Author: Stanislaw Lem This book is considered one of the classics of science fiction. No doubt about it, it’s a great book. That being said, I’m starting to believe I’m tainted in the sci-fi novel category. Because of all the […]

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The Three Body Problem

Author: Cixin Liu, Translated By: Ken Liu This book is Chinese-language science fiction, translated into English. I’ve heard from a few folks that it’s all the rage among China’s tech community, and I couldn’t resist a chance to read it (hear […]