big ideas

The rational case for monarchy.

“If you were to go back over the past couple of centuries, the vast majority of the most appalling regimes would be republics. Mussolini’s Italy might merit a place, and perhaps Tsarist Russia, which killed a fair few political opponents […]

retail therapy

Retail price hikes & framing.

The headline is “America’s biggest companies can’t stop bragging to investors about how they’re charging you more” and I saw the link because of a politician’s tweet. The framing makes a few not-to-subtle implications about what “should” happen—retailers should absorb […]

fun facts

Crash cows.

“He soon figured out that the rail yard computer malfunctioned only when the cargo being processed was live cattle coming in from northern Ukraine and western Russia heading to a nearby slaughterhouse.” | learn more

fun facts

Applying for a job with a ransomware gang

“Back in June 2020, while gathering intelligence on a popular hacker forum, we stumbled upon a peculiar recruitment ad seemingly posted by a ransomware group. To glean valuable insights into the ransomware operators’ perspective, we decided to pose as a […]