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Retail can be a very hard business.

Packable, last year the #1 seller on Amazon Marketplace in the U.S., is liquidating. A year ago, they were planning a SPAC deal at a $1.5 billion valuation. I hope to someday read the inside story of how this business […]

retail therapy

Casper cuts its CMO, CTO and COO amid further layoffs.

Retail is a tough business as competition is always just around the corner. There’s not a ton of strategic or market detail in this article. Instead, there’s entertaining and unfounded speculation from a “founder in the direct-to-consumer space” that Apple’s […]

retail therapy

In defense of Amazon’s private labels

Ben Evans reminds us, with data and charts, that it’s not quite fair to have a problem with Amazon for their private label strategy. This is tried & true retail strategy for over a hundred years and Amazon isn’t even […]

retail therapy

Resetting online commerce

From Benedict Evans: “What’s going to happen in ecommerce and retail? TV? TV ads? Retail? Brands? Online advertising? There are half a dozen huge industries where all of the cards are being thrown up in the air, and no-one really […]

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The future of education (bankruptcy).

Discussion of the link between education, finance and muni bonds. “I fear that the changes in store for higher education are going to look a lot like the painful changes we’ve seen in retail, travel, news, and entertainment.” | learn more

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Retail and e-tail metrics in post-virus world

There’s a chance of sampling bias here, but the trends are fascinating anyway. Luxury sector conversion rates are up a surprising 35-40% vs benchmark. “[Marketing agency] WITHIN … tracking year-over-year trends in ecommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rate relative […]

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Walmart is becoming a technology company

The author makes the point that Walmart has embraced the need to be tech-focused as it competes with Amazon, Alibaba & other tech/retail giants. What the author misses is that Walmart, despite its 60 years of age, has often been […]

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Chinese shopping app falls for American bargains

Imagine a mobile QVC broadcast from foreign (US in this case) retail stores. “Live-stream shopping is captivating China, and one app lets viewers take part in the scramble for discounts in U.S. stores; ‘How is this possible? Why isn’t all […]