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Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi I accidentally read a self-help book and I liked it. We’ve all heard of the ‘flow state’ by now, right? It’s the state of mind where you’re fully immersed in the task at hand and everything else […]

better doing

The psychology of human memory tells us how to learn better.

InnerDrive, a UK-based company, has an initiative called Studies that every teacher needs to know. They are “finding and summarizing the most relevant research that can provide practical tips and tools for teachers to help them improve their students’ memory, mindset and behavior.” | learn more

better doing

The psychology of human misjudgment. 

Charlie Munger is Warren Buffet’s partner, and one of the most successful investors ever. In 1995 he recorded a talk he gave on the subject of errors in conventional wisdom. | learn more