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The optimal morning routine by Andrew Huberman.

The very popular scientist and podcaster Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. explains the intricate timing of circadian rhythms and how to best support them with a morning routine that prioritizes light exposure, exercise and cold water immersion. This is a 15 minute […]

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Listen to earn & Bitcoin.

“The team at Fountain has created a new category called “Listen-to-Earn.” Any mobile device user in the world can download the Fountain app and start listening to podcasts today. As you listen to your favorite podcast, you will earn money. […]

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The future of air taxis. 

Long-time readers are familiar with my aversion to podcasts. So, when I recommend one it must be special, right?! This podcast by ARK Invest features one of their analysts, Sam Korus. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about air taxis! In this interview, […]

on the blockchain

Blockchain and the practice of law. 

I’m excited to share this podcast! It features Zach Smolinski & Christian Auty, both attorneys who are passionate and super knowledgeable about blockchain technology. It’s hosted by Chad Main of tech-enabled legal services firm Percipient. I’m happy to report that […]