oh, Austin

Ten things Paul Millerd likes about Austin.

“Many people claim to have moved here because of the lack of state taxes. I think people are lying. If that was the case they would have moved to Dallas. This may be a bold claim but I think there […]

retail therapy

The aspiration of health

I’m not sure if or how this diffuses outside of NYC. It’s definitely an off-the-beaten-path idea, so it’s worth sharing. “Across the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City, new retailers are opening the doors to those who can afford it. […]

fun facts

Private rail car between NYC and Chicago

I investigated private rail options for travel during Covid-19. I quickly learned that there’s mostly no such thing anymore, but one company did offer it as a special back in 2007. The price? About as much as a private jet […]

fun facts

You’re probably going to get hacked. 

OK, I’m being a bit dramatic. But seriously, the internet is not a safe place. Techstars NYC Managing Director Alex Iskold teaches us basic precautions to avoid being an easy target. After reading this, I realize how un-good my security […]