fun facts

The absurd problem of New York City trash.

From this article I learned that the reason NYC doesn’t have alleys is because the architects responsible for the grid system were preoccupied with another project — the Erie Canal. Lots more detailed discussion about the gross garbage problem of […]

thoughts of food

The science of great NYC bagels.

This NPR article says it’s not the water, it’s the process. “Traditionally, Coppedge tells The Salt, the chilled dough rings are poached or boiled in a solution of water and malt barley for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. […]

fun facts

What is Rizz and do you have it?

It’s the latest slang spreading on TikTok. “Rizz is NYC slang created by YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Kai Cenat. It refers to a male’s ability to impress women aka game…” ~ learn more

oh, Austin

Ten things Paul Millerd likes about Austin.

“Many people claim to have moved here because of the lack of state taxes. I think people are lying. If that was the case they would have moved to Dallas. This may be a bold claim but I think there […]

retail therapy

The aspiration of health

I’m not sure if or how this diffuses outside of NYC. It’s definitely an off-the-beaten-path idea, so it’s worth sharing. “Across the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City, new retailers are opening the doors to those who can afford it. […]

fun facts

Private rail car between NYC and Chicago

I investigated private rail options for travel during Covid-19. I quickly learned that there’s mostly no such thing anymore, but one company did offer it as a special back in 2007. The price? About as much as a private jet […]