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An auction with a choice.

“Winning bidder of this lot will have until July 2022 to decide between keeping the NFT or exchanging it for the physical artwork it represents. Only one can be kept, the other one will be destroyed.” What an interesting concept! […]

on the blockchain

How NounsDAO plans to take over the world.

“On August 8th, 2021, Punk4156 and his team deployed a smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain that randomly generates a new NFT digital avatar (called a Noun) every 24 hours and auctions it off to the highest bidder. 100% of […]

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From winner take all to win and help win.

This is the first article I’ve read that is hosted on the decentralized web and was auctioned as an NFT with the proceeds automatically and transparently shared with authors, contributors, and others. And that’s what it’s about: “Web3 technologies that […]

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No more starving artists

Digitally native art, including NFTs, is off the ground yet lacks a lot of basic infrastructure. From Jackie DiMonte: “Over the last year, we have seen an online auction break in-person auction records. Months later, we saw an NFT auction […]

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Digital horse races

“Horse racing meet NFT mania on Zed Run, a digital platform where some top steeds are fetching six-figure sums.” | learn more