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You cannot photocopy money.

“Not just legally, but also literally. Yes, you cannot copy money using the photocopy machine! If you try to print currency notes using any modern printing or scanning devices, they will refuse to assist you in this criminal endeavor. Some might […]

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5 building blocks for your customer acquisition machine

Written by Alex Iskold of 2048 Ventures, one of my favorite writers in early-stage tech. “Even the best companies that build products that early customers want need to carefully think through how to acquire more customers. Just throwing money at […]

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Money out of nowhere

Venture capital hotshot Bill Gurley wrote this post earlier this year. “How internet marketplaces unlock economic wealth.” What will the next marketplace be? Let me know if you’re working on one! | learn more

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How discount brokerages make money

I thought I knew how the fintech startups of decades-past (the discount brokerages) made their money. It turns out I didn’t know. Now I’m better informed, and it feels great! This is also good background to have before reading the Betterment […]

fun facts

People in the U.S. are moving homes less than ever

This is surprising, especially in the face of the “people are fleeing [insert city]” narrative. “A new study identifies powerful psychological factors that connect people to places, and that mean more to them than money.” | learn more

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Show me the money, not just the customer

A post by Mohanbir Sawhney, a fellow Kellogg instructor, highlights how spending decisions really work. “This post explores how companies can get customers to justify how they are going to pay for a product or service and how they can target […]

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How does make money?

I had learned this a few years ago and referenced it recently in a conversation, so I re-googled it (is that a term?). There’s an arcane system of rural TelCo subsidies that they’re able to exploit to enable your free […]