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Missouri: lab-grown meat is not meat. 

“Missouri has become the first US state to pass a bill defining what products can and can’t be classified as ‘meat.’ The legislation prohibits plant-based products from using the term and also removes the possibility of lab-grown meat hitting the […]

thoughts of food

Tyson Foods Ventures backs lab-grown meat startup. 

Future Meat Technologies founder: “It is difficult to imagine cultured meat becoming a reality with a current production price of about $10,000 per kilogram,” said Yaakov Nahmias, … “We redesigned the manufacturing process until we brought it down to $800 per […]

thoughts of food

The origins of the lab-grown meat idea. 

Willem van Eelen was a Japanese POW during WWII, often struggling with a lack of calories. “[O]ne day during [his] first year [in medical school], he came across a group of researchers in the laboratory using stem cell technology to […]

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Why cow meat is beef, not cow. 

I remember chuckling at a restaurant in Europe when the waiter said the burger was made of cow. It sounded foreign to my ear. I hadn’t considered how it came to be that we refer to animal meats by unique […]

thoughts of food

Lab-grown seafood is coming. 

A few weeks ago, I posted about lab-grown meat, and talked about how I’m really excited for it. Well, lab-grown seafood is also exciting, and entrepreneurs and scientists are making great progress there as well. | learn more

thoughts of food

The case for lab-grown meat. 

This is one of the food technologies that I’m really excited about over the long term (decades from now). If lab-grown meat can economically replace the livestock industry, it’ll be a game changer. | learn more