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Lobsters can get high

“The impetus for this groundbreaking study: a Maine restaurant that’s famous for hot boxing lobsters. Back in 2018, restaurateur Charlotte Gill of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound sent the internet into a tizzy when she told a local newspaper that she […]

oh, chicago

The fine line between jail and bail

“A driver who allegedly dragged a Chicago cop for several blocks with her car during a traffic stop in River North this week got out of jail by posting just $5,000 bond after a court hearing, according to court records.” […]

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Licked pre-roll joints spark widespread recall

For decades, people have been licking joints to seal them. Now that this is a regulated retail industry, I think it’s fair to expect spit-free product. “Michigan marijuana regulators issued a broad product recall Thursday based on a “confirmed complaint” […]

retail therapy

Retail cannabis sales compared to other markets

It’s bigger than the NBA’s revenue and approaching the size of the wholesale prescription pain medication market. “With revenue of $10.6 billion-$13 billion in 2019, sales of legal adult-use and medical marijuana in the United States topped spending on sleep […]

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How the ‘Apple of Pot’ collapsed

“Lavish parties, greedy pols and panic rooms.” An expose on MedMen’s rise and recent drama. They’d probably have filed for bankruptcy by now except that they’re ineligible thanks to being pot sellers. | learn more

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The new cannabis drinks are here

A non-drinker reviews the new class of THC-infused drinks that mimic alcohol in both rapid onset time and predictable duration of effects. The technology doesn’t seem to be quite there yet, but I’d bet on innovation continuing. I believe the impact is […]

oh, chicago

Marijuana supper clubs in Chicago.

“The marijuana industry is poised for growth in Illinois, and some entrepreneurs, like the hosts of these cannabis-infused dinners, are willing to skirt the law for early entry into the burgeoning field.” | learn more