under the microscope

Single cell learning

“The question of whether single cells can learn led to much debate in the early 20th century. The view prevailed that they were capable of non-associative learning but not of associative learning, such as Pavlovian conditioning. Experiments indicating the contrary […]

better doing

I’m Afraid of Documentaries

Growing up, we were told TV would rot our brains. So, instead, I’ve been watching documentaries! For years. I’m guessing you have too. They’re a great alternative to fiction movies and TV shows. They make us feel educated, not just […]

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Virus, the beautify of the beast

“An interactive science video about viruses – and how humans have accidentally imitated them.” I found this via Explorable Explanations – check it out for more interactive learning, especially since you’re stuck at home for the rest of the month. | learn more