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The economics and history of hole-in-one insurance.

“Though the concept [of a golfer picking up everyone’s bar tab after nailing a hole-in-one] largely faded away in the US, it became a big business in Japan, where golfers who landed a hole-in-one were expected to throw parties “comparable […]

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Payments in Japan.

A fascinating and geeky look at how payments work in a country where 40 payment methods are accepted at 7-eleven. “Payments in Japan have changed enormously in the last 20 years. The rate of change is accelerating. You will see […]

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Meet PechaKucha

The latest Nameless Ventures investment! “The live event tool spread like wildfire in Japan, eventually growing to more than 1,250 cities in 140 countries. More than 150,000 presenters have used PechaKucha in front of three million event attendees. Visit PechaKucha. | learn more

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Japan developing wooden satellites to cut space junk

Aluminum particles stay in the atmosphere when the satellites burn up on reentry. “Wooden satellites would burn up without releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere or raining debris on the ground when they plunge back to Earth.” | learn more

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AI magic makes century-old films look new

I came here for the colorized and sharpened San Francisco, a Trip down Market Street, and it was great. There is also upgraded old footage from France, Japan and the Moon! | learn more

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Masatoshi Kumagai

“Masatoshi Kumagai was a high school dropout whose conglomerate now dominates cloud computing in Japan—and he has an unusual approach to management.” | learn more