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USV and the climate crisis

Union Square Ventures is broadening its investing lens to include climate-related businesses. My favorite part: “As part of this effort we are also opening up our internal research – this deck is what we as a team have been using to keep […]

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Kraft Heinz actually invested in its product! 

Okay, maybe the sarcasm is unwarranted, but the fact that they spent money to re-invent their Oscar Mayer hot dogs to be healthier apparently made the news desk at Bloomberg. In all seriousness, this offers an interesting glimpse into what […]

tech, startups, internet

Fred Wilson: easy come, easy go. 

Fred Wilson is one of the all-time greats of venture investing. His firm Union Square Ventures has been on-time for a lot of major trends by pioneering “thesis” investing. Lately, they have been deep into blockchain and this article outlines […]