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Are we watching the internet die?

Here’s a very opinionated piece worth reading. The author, Ed Zitron, is not a fan of the content created by generative AI. “[The internet executives’] ideal situation isn’t one where you visit distinct websites with content created by human beings, […]

retail therapy

What happens to all the stuff we return?

Here’s a well-researched piece about the reverse logistics industry. “A century ago, the average return rate at Penney’s was probably something like two per cent; before Internet shopping truly took hold, retail returns had risen to more like eight or […]

better doing

Robo-coaches are here.

Sure, the advice that an AI chatbot offers can be found elsewhere on the internet in blogs, books and podcasts. Yet this new format for interacting with the advice might just be better for many uses. “At risk of sounding […]

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Creative people.

I just learned of a very popular YouTube creator called SSSniperWolf. In this video, you can watch her reactions side-by-side with a set of creative videos (i.e., a person painting their car to look like a cartoon). It’s about a […]

on the blockchain

Navigating the Urbit.

Messari profiles Urbit, “… a private, digital homestead for all-around Web3 usage; its peer-to-peer OS offers cloud and community-based services. It’s built from the ground up and runs on almost any phone, tablet, laptop—or anything with Unix and an internet […]

tech, startups, internet

Microsoft and the metaverse.

Ben Thompson from Stratechery thinks the metaverse is already here in the form of the internet. Its next iteration will primarily serve workers, not consumers. “This means that the company that is, in my opinion, the most well-placed to capitalize […]