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What are health care sharing ministries?

“As healthcare costs rise, health care sharing ministries (HCSMs) are getting a lot of attention—not all of it good—as an alternative to traditional health insurance. Open to people who share religious or ethical beliefs, they aren’t insurance companies. Rather, they […]

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The economics and history of hole-in-one insurance.

“Though the concept [of a golfer picking up everyone’s bar tab after nailing a hole-in-one] largely faded away in the US, it became a big business in Japan, where golfers who landed a hole-in-one were expected to throw parties “comparable […]

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Is my drug copay coupon a form of charity or a bribe?

“Before my insurer had even preapproved coverage of the new injectable medicine my doctor had prescribed, I got a voicemail from its manufacturer informing me that I might qualify for its copay assistance program. That meant the company would cover […]

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Phrenology, insurance claims, and digital gaydar

“You read that right: an insurance company in 2021 is defending itself against charges, circulated widely in the AI ethics Twitter dogpile on their original thread, that they’re using the Late Renaissance pseudosciences of phrenology and physiognomy on their customers.” | learn […]

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Compare hospital prices with an easy search

Turquoise Health: “Starting this year, all hospitals are required to list their prices for elective services. Whether you have insurance or plan to pay cash – find and compare prices below.” | learn more

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Yearn’s expanding DeFi universe

“In just eight weeks, Yearn has grown from a simple yield aggregator into a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem. Yearn’s asset management platform already manages more than $1B. If that weren’t enough, Yearn has already expanded into insurance and venture financing.” | learn more

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Cut your healthcare bill by paying cash

This doesn’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise you anymore. But it is an interesting article from the WSJ. “Hospitals and other providers increasingly are offering prices far below what they charge though insurance.” | learn more