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Why successful children don’t innovate.

The author makes an evolutionary case to explain why human children are particularly bad at innovating. Quote from a recent paper he cites: “A decade ago, now-seminal work showed that children are strikingly unskilled at simple tool innovation. Since then, […]

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Free knowledge and innovation

What happened when Andrew Carnegie funded ~1700 free libraries? “Sometimes obvious ideas work. If you want to encourage more innovation, give people better access to knowledge.” | learn more

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The Great Stagnation, optimism, and critical thinking

For about a decade, there’s been a view among some sharp thinkers that innovation is slowing. There’s plenty of detailed evidence to support this view. But this week, among that same group, there is been optimism. Cracks in the Great Stagnation and Techno-optimism […]

better doing

Telling the 800-lb gorilla to shove it up his ass

On competing with big companies. “Every founder frets about competition from a big company, me included. We scoff at their inability to innovate and for prioritizing shareholders over customers, but still we quiver in fear.” | learn more

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How investment bubbles can go right

“As long as both sides of the bubble have a lag between when the decision to spend is made and when the results are realized, they can leapfrog each other,” creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. | learn more

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The ingredients for innovation

From Farnam Street: “Inventing new things is hard. Getting people to accept and use new inventions is often even harder. For most people, at most times, technological stagnation has been the norm. What does it take to escape from that […]

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The crypto price-innovation cycle

From a16z: “Crypto cycles look chaotic, but over the long term they’ve generated steady growth of ideas, code, projects, and startups — the drivers of innovation.” | learn more

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

From Farnam Street: “Innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Doers and thinkers from Shakespeare to Jobs, liberally “stole” inspiration from the doers and thinkers who came before. Here’s how to do it right.” | learn more

on the blockchain

Innovation in Bitcoin’s technology stack

This goes deep into specific projects, but not so deep into technology that it’s impossible to understand. “So much is happening at the many layers of Bitcoin’s technology stack, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of emerging solutions. […]