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A single vaccine for all 20 influenza subtypes.

Most of us are familiar with the annual flu vaccine that targets a few strains that are expected to be most prevalent. “But what is particularly unique, and potentially controversial, about this new 20-strain mRNA vaccine is its targeting of […]

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Even a few cars on AI cruise control help alleviate traffic.

Humans are intuitive drivers, which often means bad drivers. Machines can do it better. “That’s the initial suggestion from a five-day trial that took place in Nashville last week that saw researchers from the CIRCLES Consortium deploy 100 human-piloted vehicles […]

fun facts

Humans being humans.

“A group CrossFitters passed by a restaurant in Brazil. Everyone eating thought they were running away from something, so they jumped up and ran with them.” | see video

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Are humans actually tribal?

This author is adamant that we are not, but failed to convince me. “People can be awful to one another, inside and outside their own groups. But that is a capacity, not an obligation, and it is not even the […]

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Our ancient ancestors were energy savers.

“For our ancestors, finding food could be incredibly difficult, so they didn’t waste energy. Today, even though have energy sources ready at our fingertips, we still naturally protect how we spend that energy.” | learn more

under the microscope

To fast or to feed?

There isn’t any solid research about whether fasting helps the human body fight an infection. But there was a study published Cell in 2016 that found mice fared better against bacteria while fasted, and against viruses while fed — specifically with glucose. | learn […]

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Cloned pigs produced by robots.

“According to the South China Morning Post, a fully-automated cloning process now exists, and it apparently works like a charm. In fact, in a slightly brutal blow to human scientists, the AI-powered system is alleged to have drastically reduced the […]