under the microscope

Hookworms successfully prevent type 2 diabetes in human trial.

In another, more recent, experiment with human hookworm species Necator americanus, researchers found that “lowered HOMA-IR values indicated that people were experiencing considerable improvements in insulin sensitivity – results that were both clinically and statistically significant.” ~ learn more

fun facts

How wolf became dog.

Differing snouts, coats, and obedience to to humans distinguish the two species. Dogs are possibly the first domesticated animals species, and they came form some sort of wolf. But how exactly did that come about? This 2015 article in Scientific […]

to your health

The connection between stress and disease.

“Dr. Gabor Maté is the leading expert on the role the mind-body connection plays in illness and health.” A line that he repeats a few times during this talk stuck with me: “We are biopsychosocial creatures.” Biology, psychology and socio-environmental […]

fun facts

New study suggests humans didn’t all come from one place.

“By analyzing the genomes of 290 living people, researchers concluded that modern humans descended from at least two populations that coexisted in Africa for a million years before merging in several independent events across the continent. The findings were published […]