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Low-background metal.

“One odd consequence of humanity’s 77-year flirtation with atomic weapons is that the steel we produce is now ever-so-slightly radioactive. The radiation isn’t strong enough to pose a health risk, but it does interfere with some sensitive scientific and medical […]

fun facts

Find everything humans know about…

This is a very cool new tool that takes any topic and creates a branching hierarchy of related concepts that serves as a very quick primer. It is especially great because for many of the topics it’ll include images that […]

better doing

Let me tell you a secret.

“In the software industry, your team probably already has some software professionals with a variety of technical skills, and thus they know what to do with technical challenges. Which means that, as often as not, the problem is to do […]

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The future 100: 2024 edition.

“Be future-ready and dive into 100 micro trends spanning culture creativity and connection. Join us as we take you on a journey into tomorrow’s world; a world where in the face of a bewildering amount of new technology, people are […]

fun facts

Spite houses.

Humans are funny. “A spite house is a building constructed or substantially modified to irritate neighbors or any party with land stakes. Because long-term occupation is not the primary purpose of these houses, they frequently sport strange and impractical structures.” ~ learn […]

fun facts

Where do people come from?

“When someone is born, chemical parts once scattered across the world converge to form a human. Days, years, and decades before, those atoms were always somewhere in the world. I recently got curious about this: where do people come from? […]