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When is fraudulent billing not fraud?

When it happens in healthcare! “Much of what we accept as legal in medical billing would be regarded as fraud in any other sector.” I’m reminded of Shakespeare and roses smelling as sweet by any other name. “So what is […]

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Why some CEOs support ‘Medicare for All’

The crux of this is something I’ve been talking about for a while: why in the world is your employer involved in your healthcare? “While national business groups fight the single-payer concept, the founder and CEO of a large Pennsylvania […]

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Cut your healthcare bill by paying cash

This doesn’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise you anymore. But it is an interesting article from the WSJ. “Hospitals and other providers increasingly are offering prices far below what they charge though insurance.” | learn more

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EHR ‘gag clauses’ may soon come off

As I peel back more layers of the health care system onion, I really appreciate some of the nuances that this industry has developed. In this case, it seems that a lot of the big Electronic Health Record software vendors […]

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Healthcare industry bankruptcy activity on the rise.

Petition11 is a great newsletter that covers “disruption from the vantage point of the disrupted”. That’s right – they cover the distressed companies that are or soon will end up in bankruptcy court. This week: Trident Holding Company LLC, a […]

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IBM research uses AI to describe smells.

This is interesting and important because of the difficulty humans have using precise vocabulary to describe smells. “A more precise smell vocabulary can also help doctors diagnose neurodegenerative diseases.” | learn more