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Best Buy will sell glucose monitoring systems.

“Best Buy will soon begin carrying continuous glucose monitoring devices that require a prescription, opening the door to broader future healthcare product offerings ordered by physicians for their patients.” They seem to be targeting the diabetic market, which sadly just […]

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The rise and fall of Envision Healthcare.

“The story of Envision is filled with mergers, acquisitions, and all-too common drama of payor disputes and surprise billing. Buckle up as we embark on this rollercoaster journey of one of the most unfortunately notorious healthcare corporations in recent history.” ~ learn […]

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The US health crisis.

I really enjoyed this interview of Justin Mares on the Invest Like The Beset podcast. Justin rattles off statistics and data about the problems in the US food and health systems with the fluency of a politician. But he swears […]

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Apple care (for humans).

“Apple plans to enter the health insurance industry by 2024, according to CCS Insights’ Chief Analyst Ben Wood. Many of you have followed the decade-long saga of big tech attempting to enter the healthcare space to compete with incumbents, only […]

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How will Amazon approach U.S. primary care?

Musings by two MBA professors who specialize in the healthcare industry: Robert S. Huckman and Bradley Staats. “Amazon has a playbook for reinventing businesses that it enters. It includes simplifying processes, experimenting to determine which new approaches work best, and […]

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Do 100 million people in the U.S. live with medical debt?

That’s the headline, but their methodology is not totally convincing. What is apparent, though, is that the number is extremely high. “To calculate the true extent and burden of this debt, the KHN-NPR investigation draws on a nationwide poll conducted by KFF […]

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The new trend in healthcare: do-it-yourself.

“Frustrated with an overburdened health system, more consumers are turning to gadgets, home kits, apps and monitors for tasks and tests previously handled by trained medical workers. They are monitoring their own blood pressure, conducting EKGs, tracking blood sugar and […]

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Bio eats world: the biology of aging

Episode one of a new a16z podcast dedicated to bio. I liked that they discussed how aging research might fold back into the existing healthcare system. “Once a fringe field, the science of aging is now entering a new phase […]