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Optum: testing time for an invisible empire.

“At $226 billion annual revenues, Optum is the largest healthcare business in the US that no-one knows anything about. Optum by itself has revenues that are a little less than 5% of total US healthcare spending.” … and … “If […]

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Tech’s blind spot: the aging revolution.

“People’s inability to maintain their independence is going to have a massive ripple effect on our world, with major implications to our society (loneliness, increased family caregiving demands), economy (rising health costs, lost productivity), healthcare system (stress on our already […]

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Critical evaluation of diabetes management tools.

The PHTI is a new independant nonprofit that, “aims to provide independent, evidence-based assessments of emerging products, something that is currently lacking in the market.” Their first “blistering” report concluded that diabetes monitoring apps “do not deliver meaningful clinical benefits, […]

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Digital health at the turn of 2024.

A report from Rock Health, making use of their ‘maturity curve’ model that tech themes follow from nascent to mature. At maturity it should be clear whether a theme is a fad, a niche, or new table stakes. They, “selected […]

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No one’s promising you can keep your doctor anymore.

“Even before the pandemic accelerated a massive shift to virtual care, more than a quarter of Americans were seeing nurses and physician assistants at their health care visits, according to research published in The BMJ. The study also found that […]

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The consumerism conundrum in healthcare.

“We can consumerize bread-and-butter conditions like acne, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, or sore throat. These prevalent issues come with well-documented, evidence-based treatments that most individuals may need at some point, and physicians/providers have a clear, standardized approach to managing them.” ~ learn […]

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Best Buy will sell glucose monitoring systems.

“Best Buy will soon begin carrying continuous glucose monitoring devices that require a prescription, opening the door to broader future healthcare product offerings ordered by physicians for their patients.” They seem to be targeting the diabetic market, which sadly just […]

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The rise and fall of Envision Healthcare.

“The story of Envision is filled with mergers, acquisitions, and all-too common drama of payor disputes and surprise billing. Buckle up as we embark on this rollercoaster journey of one of the most unfortunately notorious healthcare corporations in recent history.” ~ learn […]