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35 trends spotted at Expo West.

This is from the “leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry.” Tends include blood sugar balance, recovery and sleep as a benefit, and animal protein skins as snacks. ~ learn more

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NIH nutrition for precision health study.

“The NIH study will involve 10,000 participants in total, some of whom are signing up for intense measures, like monitors that follow them and make sure they don’t eat smuggled food, or special eyeglass attachments to record what they eat.” ~ learn […]

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Marilyn’s guide to a healthy old age.

“Over the years I have been blessed by good health. I am 92 and did not really have any illness until a few years ago. In addition, I have always been very active and energetic all these years. IN RESPONSE […]

thoughts of food

Are acai bowls healthy?

From the excellent health and nutrition content team at Nutrisense. “Acai bowls have surged in popularity in the health and wellness community, celebrated for their vibrant appearance and perceived nutritional benefits. But how healthy can acai bowls really be, and […]

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Social determinants of elderhood.

“The editors [of Nature Aging] speak to Louise Aronson, geriatrician and Pulitzer Prize finalist, about how old age is perceived and defined, and the influence of social determinants on health.” ~ learn more

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Superstar DJ Steve Aoki is also a longevity junky.

“On the surface, the 45-year-old Aoki doesn’t seem like the person to hang out with for insights into the promise and perils of longevity science—he has I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD tattooed on the back of his neck. But earlier […]

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A new XPRIZE for increasing healthspan.

The original prize was designed to promote space tourism with a $10 million bounty. Now here comes another: “XPRIZE Healthspan is a 7-year, $101 million global competition to revolutionize the way we approach human aging.” ~ learn more