teaching the kids

How Harvard careerism killed the classroom.

Where have all the poets gone? “As Harvard transitioned from a patrician school to a seemingly meritocratic one, students increasingly began to view their degrees as financial investments, attempting to maximize return while limiting downside risk. It is this new, […]

under the microscope

Some scientists are taking a DIY coronavirus vaccine

Harvard Biologist Preston Estep had none of the typical trappings of vaccine development: funding, a company, animal data, nor ethics approval. “What he did have: ingredients for a vaccine. And one willing volunteer. Estep swirled together the mixture and spritzed […]

better doing

Parallel play: a kid-approved startup strategy

Researchers from Stanford and Harvard Business School studied new ventures in an emerging fintech space for several years. “Want to succeed in a young and unformed market? Try acting like a preschooler.” | learn more

on the blockchain

The game theory behind FOMO3D. 

Last week I shared a link about this ponzi-like crypto game. This Hacker Noon article discusses the interesting game theory behind it, with a specific example from a Harvard class that went crazy. | learn more