fun facts

Spiders fly across Lake Michigan. 

While visiting the Willis Tower for a meeting this week, I heard a story of spiders flying across the lake from Michigan and attaching themselves to tall buildings. My skepticism alarm went off right away and I had to google […]

book recommendations

Measure What Matters

Author: John Doerr John Doerr is the legendary venture capitalist who invested in (among others) Google, Amazon, Compaq, Intuit, Netscape, Symantec, Twitter and Zynga. Seriously this guy is an OG in the venture world. He started his career at Intel […]

under the microscope

AI reads eye scans as well as humans. 

“Doctors at a U.K. eye hospital are getting algorithmic help interpreting the results of 3D eye scans, using a system developed at Google’s DeepMind that can identify more than 50 eye problems and recommend a course of action with human […]