teaching the kids

Schools repealing ChatGPT bans.

This NYT article discusses a few public school districts who have done an about face on their earlier bans of the technology. “Administrators say they are simply taking a pragmatic view: Students will need to learn how to prompt chatbots […]

fun facts

How big is YouTube?

Google won’t just tell you, so these curious sleuths decided to find out by randomly sampling URLs. They estimate there are 13.325 billion videos. “We can calculate the mean and median views per video, and show just how long the […]

fun facts

The little search engine that couldn’t.

Follow this link to learn what it takes to build a search engine that might rival Google’s stranglehold, and why that still might not be enough. “A couple of ex-Googlers set out to create the search engine of the future. […]

better doing

Thoughts on goal setting.

“The reason I hate OKRs is that they are often the wrong answer for startups. OKRs are just a form of a goal — they make the goal specific and measurable and all the other things a goal should be. […]