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Google’s DeepMind opens its protein database to science.

“The new data­base of rough­ly 350,000 pro­tein se­quences and struc­tures rep­re­sents a po­ten­tial­ly mon­u­men­tal achieve­ment for the life sci­ences, one that could has­ten new bi­o­log­i­cal in­sights and the de­vel­op­ment of new drugs. Deep­Mind said it will be free and ac­ces­si­ble […]

fun facts

Google year in search 2020

Google releases an annual list of top search terms of the year. For this year, I visualized the top search terms to show the impact that the year’s events had on people.” | learn more

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A new Google

“In 2000, Google got popular because hackers realized it was better than Lycos or Excite. This effect is happening again. Early adopters aren’t using Google anymore.” | learn more

better doing

Hiring: the Lake Wobegon strategy

In 2006, a Google researcher modeled the effects of their hiring strategy. In the 14 years since, we’ve seen its outcomes. “You know the Google story: small start-up of highly-skilled programmers in a garage grows into a large international company. […]

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App stores, trust, and anti-trust

“The app store model has been a central part of the smartphone revolution, bringing safe, trusted software to billions of people for the first time. Breaking it would be insane. The trouble is, it also means Apple (and Google) aren’t […]