better doing

Less obvious frameworks.

From Chris Paik, a variety of ways to think about businesses and markets. I like that these aren’t the most obvious ones. Also that it’s a Google Doc filled with comments from the internet. | learn more

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When big tech buys small tech.

While I wasn’t paying attention, “FTC ordered Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft to provide data on every single acquisition they made from 2010 to 2019, and published some aggregate data as a report in September.” Benedict Evans analyzes the […]

under the microscope

Google’s DeepMind opens its protein database to science.

“The new data­base of rough­ly 350,000 pro­tein se­quences and struc­tures rep­re­sents a po­ten­tial­ly mon­u­men­tal achieve­ment for the life sci­ences, one that could has­ten new bi­o­log­i­cal in­sights and the de­vel­op­ment of new drugs. Deep­Mind said it will be free and ac­ces­si­ble […]

fun facts

Google year in search 2020

Google releases an annual list of top search terms of the year. For this year, I visualized the top search terms to show the impact that the year’s events had on people.” | learn more

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A new Google

“In 2000, Google got popular because hackers realized it was better than Lycos or Excite. This effect is happening again. Early adopters aren’t using Google anymore.” | learn more