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How to build the ideal sauna.

It turns out that most saunas in the U.S. have shortcomings. “This thing that people in Finland (and Germany, Sweden, Austria, etc.) call a sauna is all about the specific, unique and quite wonderful bather experience it provides – even […]

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How did solar power get cheap?

“Solar went from the most expensive source of electricity in the 1950s to the least expensive source of electricity in the 2020s.” The root cause: hundreds of billions of dollars of both public and private investments. Those investments, first in […]

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Dogs trained to detect COVID-19 in saliva samples

“Researchers in Germany have trained dogs to detect COVID-19 infections from saliva samples. After only one week of training, the dogs were able to detect the presence of the infection with a 94% accuracy rate.” | learn more

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Covid-19 superspreading events database

“Superspreading Events (SSEs) are events where multiple people —a minimum of 5, for example — get infected with the novel coronavirus.” Highlight: 220 people in Germany sick after, “4-hour-event. Live music, ritualized kissing.” This is a database of information about […]