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Sometimes it just takes a phone call.

One person charges $480/hr to help Millennials and Gen Z overcome their fear of talking on the phone. “Mary Jane Copps said she spotted the rise of “phone phobia” 16 years ago and set up a consultancy called The Phone […]

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Gen Z is overestimating the average starting salary by $50K.

“New college grads are in for some reverse sticker shock. A recent survey by Clever Real Estate found that while the average starting salary for college graduates is $55,260, current college students expect to make $103,880 at their first job.” | learn […]

on the blockchain

A Gen-Z VC’s take on the metaverse.

“As a 24-year-old “elder Gen Z,” I grew up playing Webkinz and Club Penguin in elementary school. Webkinz was a perfect representation of bridging the physical and digital worlds – you received a plush Webkinz toy for your birthday that […]

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Gen Z and millennials are reviving an ‘old money’ aesthetic.

“Prep is back, and it’s bigger than ever. Think WASPy dinner parties, country clubs, and summer sailboat vibes. Over the last year, Gen Z and millennials have cultivated an “old money” aesthetic that romanticizes the aristocratic upper-crust lifestyle, and a certain […]

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Why Gen Z loves closed captioning.

Confession: I also enjoy this feature! “‘Everyone does it.’ These were the words from my college-aged daughter when I caught her lounging on our couch, streaming Friends with 24-point closed captioning on.” | learn more

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A dose of Gen-Z

This newsletter called High Tea, written for and by members of Gen-Z, is a wonderful window into world of today’s newest adults. They seem to love emojis, TikTok and abbreviations of both words and phrases. I would’ve never figured out […]

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2020 state of Gen Z report

For people born 1995-2010, emojis don’t mean what I thought they did. For example, I just learned this 🙂 is an extremely passive-aggressive smile. “This report is the most comprehensive deep-dive on Gen Z highlighting cultural trends and shifts, featuring a year’s […]