The web 3 stack. 

Multicoin Capital has put together a chart of what the software stack for Web 3 (decentralized internet) looks like. This link is to a version on Fred Wilson’s blog, which is shorter. learn more

The heartbeat of a business. 

Fred Wilson had a short and sweet blog post this week about what he calls “the heartbeat”. This is the regular pace at which a company operates. I have called this a cadence in the past, but I like the term heartbeat so may steal it in the future. learn more

Rapid experimentation. 

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson remarks on the explosion of startup activity over the course of his career. “And so, we are in a golden era of tech entrepreneurship where anyone with an idea can make a go of it.” learn more

Is buying crypto assets “investing”? 

The dynamic duo Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger recently bashed crypto with all sorts of colorful language. Rockstar VC Fred Wilson helps put their criticisms in context, since he must reconcile his respect for them as investors, and his own belief in crypto. learn more

Keep the degree of difficulty down. 

Fred Wilson, a top VC, has some great advice: “In many sports, like diving, gymnastics, skating, etc, the way to win is to perfectly execute a high degree of difficulty move. In startups, I advise founders to avoid that way of thinking and try to execute a simple dive and hit the water perfectly.” learn more

Union Square Ventures’ model. 

This has a similar theme to the article above, except it’s written by Fred Wilson with a specific focus on his wildly successful firm USV. The most interesting part for me is the window into his thinking about how blockchain tokens might force changes to their model. learn more

Fred Wilson: easy come, easy go. 

Fred Wilson is one of the all-time greats of venture investing. His firm Union Square Ventures has been on-time for a lot of major trends by pioneering “thesis” investing. Lately, they have been deep into blockchain and this article outlines why. learn more