better doing

How Fred Wilson improved his sleep.

“My experience over the last two years tells me that sleep habits can change and those of us who are poor sleepers can become good sleepers. I started with a device (in my case an Oura ring) that let me […]

on the blockchain

Taking a long term view of web3.

Written by vc investors and Coinbase board members Katie Haun and Fred Wilson. “Web3 is a software-driven innovation that has a built-in financial system. This has been both a strength and a weakness.” | learn more

on the blockchain

The Ethereum merge is coming.

Here’s Fred Wilson’s take. “The Merge is probably the most important change that a large scaled blockchain has ever undergone. It is not without risk and there is a chance that things will not go smoothly.” He’s excited! He also […]

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Half of all VCs beat the stock market

Fred Wilson highlights new data that overturns the conventional wisdom that one must invest in a top-quartile VC fund to generate good returns. He also shares his return multiples on personal fund investments since 2009. They range from 2-10x multiple […]

better doing

Visionaries & operators

Fred Wilson discusses why some companies lose value after a founder leaves, while others don’t suffer the same fate. “I like to keep things simple and in my simple mind, leadership comes in two flavors, visionary leadership and operational leadership. […]

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Educating elected officials

Fred Wilson thinks the crypto industry, “owe[s] these elected officials an education on how crypto can address these important issues [around banking access] and why it is not a distraction from them.” I appreciate that crypto has folks like Fred […]

on the blockchain

Stablecoin adoption revisited

From the esteemed venture investor Fred Wilson: “I heard about a transaction that closed last week in which the buyer sent millions of USDC to the sellers’ wallet. Instead of wire instructions, scan a QR code and hit send. This […]

on the blockchain

Fred Wilson’s buying more Bitcoin

When bad news hits, risk assets are sold off in a hurry. Then, investors and traders reevaluate and start thinking more critically about what to buy. Bitcoin sold off along with everything else, and now it’s starting to recover. Meanwhile, […]