The web 3 stack. 

Multicoin Capital has put together a chart of what the software stack for Web 3 (decentralized internet) looks like. This link is to a version on Fred Wilson’s blog, which is shorter. learn more

The heartbeat of a business. 

Fred Wilson had a short and sweet blog post this week about what he calls “the heartbeat”. This is the regular pace at which a company operates. I have called this a cadence in the past, but I like the term heartbeat so may steal it in the future. learn more

Keep the degree of difficulty down. 

Fred Wilson, a top VC, has some great advice: “In many sports, like diving, gymnastics, skating, etc, the way to win is to perfectly execute a high degree of difficulty move. In startups, I advise founders to avoid that way of thinking and try to execute a simple dive and hit the water perfectly.” learn more