fun facts

The Forbes 30 under 30.

They have collectively raised $5.3 Billion in funding. They have also been arrested for fraud and scams worth over $18.5 Billion. This is from a tweet — does anyone want to fact check this? ~ source

on the blockchain

Cryptopia in crisis.

Some of my friends in the blockchain space couldn’t help but notice that the media (in this case Forbes) has flipped 180 degrees on its tone for covering crypto since the token price decline started this year. Nevertheless, an interesting […]

thoughts of food

Meal-kit company Chef’d shuts down. 

Two links related to this. The first is a Forbes article by industry consultant Brittain Ladd pronouncing the death of standalone meal-kit companies. The second is a LinkedIn articleby Chef’d former SVP of Retail Sean Butler expressing a totally contrary opinion.

oh, chicago

Chicago’s Yolk is profiled in Forbes. 

With one of their newer locations located directly behind our house, Yolk has quickly become our go-to breakfast spot. They are a small chain with a strong presence in Chicago (and now beyond!). | learn more

tech, startups, internet

State of machine learning and AI 2017. 

Forbes offers highlights from McKinsey’s latest report on the sector. One factoid that caught my attention was about Amazon’s acquisition of robotics firm Kiva Systems. “‘Click to ship’ cycle time, which ranged from 60 to 75 minutes with humans, fell […]