fun facts


An incredible example of the food web in action. “When a whale dies and sinks to the ocean floor, it creates a new ecosystem that changes the local food web for up to a century afterwards. They only occur in […]

under the microscope

This microbe no longer needs to eat food to grow

“Biochemical makeover allows Escherichia coli to use carbon dioxide as a building block for its cells.” This is an incredible breakthrough! “The work could lead to engineered microbes that suck CO2 out of the air and turn it into medicines […]

thoughts of food

Next steps on CBD from outgoing FDA commissioner

“When it comes to CBD in food, considering CBD is an ingredient in FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, the FDA emphasized that ‘allowing drug ingredients in foods can undermine the drug approval process and diminish commercial incentives for further clinical study of the […]

to your health

Prescribing food as a specialty drug.

This is so exciting! It seems “obvious” that food is tied to health, but this is the first time I’ve seen the healthcare system treat it that way. “Geisinger Health System’s program of providing free food as a treatment for […]