P.F. Chang’s goes to China. 

Per the WSJ article, so far, it’s going better than Taco Bell’s attempt to break into the Mexico market. “The chain says it isn’t trying for real Chinese cuisine; diners want to know what Americans…

LocoL to open inside Whole Foods. 

Last year I shared a link about the LA-based fast food collaboration between high-end restaurateurs. They set out to reinvent fast food in under-served communities. Now, they’re opening inside Whole Foods in San Jose. | learn more

On the Whole Foods shortages. 

I’ve heard speculation about Amazon’s influence being the source of the recent stock-outs. This convincing article instead lays the blame on a new inventory efficiency campaign that’s working well – maybe too well. | learn more

Scientists made food from electricity. 

“Finnish researchers have created a batch of single-cell protein that is nutritious enough to serve for dinner using a system powered by renewable energy. The entire process requires only electricity, water, carbon dioxide, and microbes.” | learn…