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Why finance is such a hard industry for startups

Patrick McKenzie, the author of How Discount Brokerages Make Money, has 100 insightful thoughts on financial services. “Geeks underestimate technical sophistication of the financial industry by a scandalous amount, largely because most of it happens below the waterline and not in […]

retail therapy

Goldman Sachs tries retail banking

It hasn’t been a tremendous win quite yet… “With its core businesses on the wane, Goldman has staked its future on consumer banking. So far it has lost $1.3 billion—and its makeover is challenging the firm’s identity as a titan […]

on the blockchain

Superfluid collateral in open finance.

The author of this article talked about the illiquidity of tokens staked as collateral, and how to create liquidity out of those. The whole time I was thinking “this guy is insane” and is suggesting a house of cards approach […]