better doing

Friction: the hidden force holding you back.

This Farnam Street post employs an example of two employees who do the same great work, yet one of them requires a bonk on the head to get him started. Because his boss (or the organization) needs to spend energy […]

better doing

How to think.

Farnam Street reminds us that school didn’t teach us how to think. One standout quote I’m glad this resurfaced for me: “I find for myself that my first thought is never my best thought. My first thought is always someone […]

big ideas

The ingredients for innovation

From Farnam Street: “Inventing new things is hard. Getting people to accept and use new inventions is often even harder. For most people, at most times, technological stagnation has been the norm. What does it take to escape from that […]

better doing

The observer effect: seeing is changing

The act of looking at something changes it – an effect that holds true for people, animals, even atoms. Here’s how the observer effect distorts our world and how we can get a more accurate picture.” I love how Farnam […]

better doing

When safety proves dangerous

Farnam Street discusses risk compensation, like driving faster because we strap on our seat belts. “Understanding how it affects our behavior can help us make the best possible decisions in an uncertain world.” | learn more

better doing

Standing on the shoulders of giants

From Farnam Street: “Innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Doers and thinkers from Shakespeare to Jobs, liberally “stole” inspiration from the doers and thinkers who came before. Here’s how to do it right.” | learn more