fun facts

Look up any company’s Facebook ads

Did you know that you can search a company and see their entire library of ads on Facebook? Here’s a fun example for a direct-to-consumer men’s pharma company. | learn more

on the blockchain

Facebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut

From TechCrunch: “Facebook is finally ready to reveal details about its cryptocurrency codenamed Libra. It’s currently scheduled for a June 18th release of a white paper explaining its cryptocurrency’s basics…” | learn more

on the blockchain

Facebook seeking $1B in VC money for crypto project

“Citing sources familiar with the matter, [New York Times tech reporter Nathaniel] Popper states that Facebook is seeking a $1 billion sum to develop its cryptocurrency project. He states that seeking outside investment could keep the project more in line […]

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Designing against misinformation. 

Jeff Smith, the Facebook product designer who works on the news feed, offers an inside look into their process for addressing fake news. He discusses what they’ve learned so far and where the product is heading in the near future. | learn […]

fun facts

Software engineer shares offer details. 

Ever wonder how much tech jobs pay? With a couple years of work experience, the engineer received job offers from Facebook, Google, Lyft, Dropbox, and other big tech companies. | learn more

big ideas

Messages matter. 

Facebook’s Messenger team commissioned a study of over 9,000 people in 8 countries to understand how messaging has impacted communications. Their results show that digital messaging helps bring people together, not separate them. | learn more

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The scale of tech winners. 

When I’m thinking about giant tech companies, it’s easy for me to conflate all the giants together. Ben Evans (a16z) relieves me of this misconception by highlighting the massive scale difference between past tech giants (i.e. IBM and Wintel) and […]