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Life in the metaverse.

This NYT reporter spent 24 non-consecutive hours in Facebook’s metaverse as research for this story. “My goal was to visit at every hour of the day and night, all 24 of them at least once, to learn the ebbs and […]

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When big tech buys small tech.

While I wasn’t paying attention, “FTC ordered Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft to provide data on every single acquisition they made from 2010 to 2019, and published some aggregate data as a report in September.” Benedict Evans analyzes the […]

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Microsoft and the metaverse.

Ben Thompson from Stratechery thinks the metaverse is already here in the form of the internet. Its next iteration will primarily serve workers, not consumers. “This means that the company that is, in my opinion, the most well-placed to capitalize […]

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A Facebook pitch deck from 2004.

I think this is the pitch deck that Eduardo Saverin used to drum up advertising revenue for the social network. One interesting fact: they added 10k members in the first week of April 2004. | learn more

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How Facebook knows you so well.

“Is Facebook listening to your conversations? No, they are not. They are doing something MUCH more effective!” This thread is not the final word on the topic. I don’t think this rules out their use of microphone data obtained indirectly. | learn […]