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The blood of an entrepreneur

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were only 2.5M people here in 1776… and many of those people (or their parents or grandparents) came here from somewhere else.” | learn more

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There will be new restaurants

This article is about a new Israeli and Middle Eastern restaurant in Andersonville. This week I’ve also seen three new planned openings in my neighborhood. I can’t help but wonder about the economics, but this is a great reminder that […]

big ideas

Ending aging, the other pandemic

Peter Diamandis highlights some of the technologies he’s tracking. “For the first time ever, scientists and entrepreneurs think there’s a way to slow aging in its tracks, and perhaps even reverse it.” | learn more

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Author: Daniel Suarez Daniel Suarez is my favorite modern sci-fi author. I try to stay current on the cutting edge of science and technology. Without fail, Suarez has always been a few steps ahead. Reading his books feels like he’s […]

book recommendations

Am I Being Too Subtle

Author: Sam Zell Sam Zell sold a $39 Billion portfolio of real estate at the height of the real estate bubble. He’s a character. The autobiography of Sam Zell, narrated by Sam Zell, was so much fun to listen to.  […]

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The strategic question at seed today

Tom Tunguz shares some data about how yesterday’s series A is today’s seed round. More importantly, there are now a variety of funding formats in between, so entrepreneurs can customize to fit their business. But definitely ignore the names of […]