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If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

“Last week entrepreneurs reminded me several times of one of my favorite adages: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. While it seems obvious, the reality is most people assume if something isn’t offered up or available, then you can’t […]

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The pitfalls of churn rate.

In 2018, as Spotify prepared to go public, this author noted “Spotify is making a common and dangerous mistake in their LTV calculation.” He uses this to make the point that, “Investors and entrepreneurs should shift their attention towards a […]

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We need a middle class for startups.

“Problem: There are only two types of businesses on social media: …. Bootstrapped from zero [and] … Raised $100M+ from VCs. … Result: Aspiring entrepreneurs think these are the only two paths to startup success.” There is, of course, a […]

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A debate: what’s an accelerator without funding?

I’m not much of a twitter user but sometimes that’s where the action is! Crain’s reported “Tech incubator 1871 is launching a 12-week virtual program to help Black entrepreneurs start and grow companies.” The catch? There’s no funding. Chicago VC Ezra […]

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The restaurant apocalypse and DropKitchens

“Drop Restaurant – A Dropshipping model / and or Operating System (Similar to Shopify) for virtual restaurants where entrepreneurs create virtual restaurants from existing kitchens and generate revenue without ever touching a stove.” | learn more

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What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?

A research paper by Saras D. Sarasvathy highlights his learnings from a deep survey of 30 founders in the late 1990s. He concludes that entrepreneurs use “effectual” rather than causal reasoning. “[I]t begins with a given set of means and […]