better doing

Is pay transparency good?

This is an economic working paper looking at the question. The author segments transparency into horizontal (across peers) and veritcal (across levels) and finds the outcomes differ. Horizontal transparency makes employers bargain harder, while vertical transparency can lead to more […]

oh, chicago

Illinois marijuana retailers are short on employees

“Everyone who works in a newly legalized pot store must undergo a state background check. And that’s putting a pinch on hiring.” I wouldn’t be too hard on IDFPR, the department responsible for licensing, since I bet they’re not getting […]

better doing

Uncovering insights from employees. 

Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company, shares 9 questions that uncover the most surprising insights from employees. This is based on 15,000 employees and 3 years of data. #1 – “Are you afraid of anything at work?” | learn more

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Blue Apron now delivers 8 million meals per month. 

It’s fairly obvious by now that the food industry is undergoing a radical shift from decades past. Before too long, we’ll see the grocery and restaurant businesses upended. This profile of the leading meal kit company highlights their spectacular growth […]